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Zepter Cookware Set - 12 pieces - Fraciel

Zepter Cookware Set - 12 pieces - Fraciel

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Elevate your cooking to the next level with the Zepter 12-Piece Cookware Set that Fraciel brings to you. Designed and constructed from Stainless Steel, this drum set contains 12 pieces that combine superior performance with timeless style. Made to last, this 12-piece set offers a unique cooking experience and sublime luxury.

Material: Stainless Steel

Suitable for induction stoves

Glass lid with steam exhaust


  • Pot with lid 24 cm (8.3 L)
  • Pot with lid 20 cm (3.9 L)
  • Pot with lid 18 cm (2.9 L)
  • Saucepan with lid 16 cm (2 L)
  • Frying pan with lid, 24 cm diameter (3.4 L)
  • 3L teapot

Code: 2410001

Model: Zepter

Pieces: 12

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