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BAPO-10 Kitchen Scale - Rhino

BAPO-10 Kitchen Scale - Rhino

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The BAPO-10 - Rhino kitchen scale leaves your kitchen with a touch of sophistication and exclusivity with its modern ergonomic design. This indispensable tool features a glass display for clear reading of weighing results, as well as a robust structure for accurate and stable measurement. Commit to the experience of preparing exquisite dishes with the BAPO-10 - Rhino Kitchen Scale.

  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Portion calculation function
  • Option to obtain the weight in kilos, pounds or ounces
  • Works with a 300-hour rechargeable battery
  • It has liquid crystal displays with integrated lighting
  • The tare function allows you to subtract the weight of the container where the merchandise is placed, to obtain the net weight
  • Includes a transparent mica

Code: 2382210

Model: BAPO-10

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