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Pedestal Fan 3Vel Turbo Power 45cm - VE2910X0 - Tefal

Pedestal Fan 3Vel Turbo Power 45cm - VE2910X0 - Tefal

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The VE2910X0 Turbo Power 18" T-FAL Fan is the perfect solution to cool all your rooms quickly. It offers 3 speeds to adapt to different needs, providing a cool and pleasant experience with an air flow of up to 100m3 per minute. The technology T-FAL double blade improves energy efficiency and reduces noise considerably.Use your spaces to the fullest by cooling them safely and reliably.

  • Dimensions: 135 cm high x 50 cm wide x 50 cm long
  • Power: 70 watts
  • 4 aerodynamic blades
  • 60 dB low noise
  • Removable front grille for easy cleaning
  • Horizontal swing
  • 3 speeds

Code: 0559906

Model: VE2910X0

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