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Gas Fryer 21L - FG-21 - Drago

Gas Fryer 21L - FG-21 - Drago

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Prepare the best food with the FG-21 Gas Fryer, made of stainless steel with a capacity of 21 liters. Designed by Drago , this modern fryer offers a unique experience of cooking food without worry and with an exquisite flavor. A superior class of fryer for a professional kitchen.

Material: A scratch stainless

  • Dimensions: 40 cm x width 75.3 cm x height 111.4 cm
  • Pilot that facilitates starting the fryer.
  • Sides and backrest made of galvanized steel.
  • Heats oil quickly to produce better tasting foods with less oil absorption.
  • Immediate action thermostat imported and certified by CSA with a temperature range of 93° C to 204° C.
  • Hi-Limit System
  • LP Gas model GFR-321-09
  • Natural Gas model GFR-321-04
  • Oil capacity: 21 liters
  • Weight: 69kg

Model: 2401021S

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